• How does deeper steady breathing help?

    Breathing through the device and associated mechanism, restricts how rapidly air can be taken into the lungs, while also encouraging beneficial diaphragm breathing. Some people have a tendency to over breathe, while others may under breathe (shallow or chest breathe).

    The mechanism provides a physical cue to steady and deepen your respiration, which in combination with 2-4 nose breaths (between device draws), helps to restore more relaxed breathing and heart rhythms.


  • Is Calmly safe to use?

    If you are someone who suffers from allergies or you have any concerns about using the device and aromas, please consult with a doctor before using Calmly. Before using our products, please read the Safety and Use Guidelines (found under the "Support" tab on the homepage)

    Our products have been designed with the strong intent to make you healthier, as opposed to more harmful activities such as vaping and smoking. A key point of difference with Calmly, is the avoidance of direct inhalation of active substances into the lungs, by targeting aromas to the nose and olfactory glands instead. Calmly also encourages diaphragm breathing.

    We work with a clinical aromatherapist, building on years of global aromatherapy research, to design our blends. Each aroma is chosen specifically for its aromatic properties and generalised wellness benefits.

    Calmly is designed to encourage and enhance the natural inhale and exhale of deep steady breathing. However, care should be taken while learning to use the device, to avoid overly frequent draws - as this may cause unpleasant light headedness.

    Steady breathing, aromatherapy and mindfulness can calm the body and mind.  Which has been proven to relax and reduce the body's normal "fight-flight" reaction in times of stress.


  • What’s your return policy?

    We want to make it easy to see if Calmly is right for you. If you are unsatisfied with Calmly, contact us via email (info@calmlyworld.com) within 14 days of receipt of the product. We will refund the purchase once returned to us.

    For more details read below and check out our Terms of Trade.

    • If the Product is not defective, but it is not what was expected by you or you are otherwise dissatisfied with the Product and wish to receive a refund, then you should notify us via the contact information on our Website. Subject to clause 7.5 and so long as you have notified us of your dissatisfaction with the Product within 14 days of receipt of the Product, we will refund the price of the Product once you return the Product to us. You will be responsible for the delivery charges to return the Product to us and ensuring the Product is returned in packaging that is suitable to prevent any foreseeable damage during the delivery process.
    • We will not be liable to replace a Product or provide a refund if the Product is damaged or defective due to improper use or alteration by the end-user, including where the end-user has failed to follow safety and use instructions.
  • Is Calmly expensive?

    Calmly is a New Zealand designed high-quality product. We've focused on the environment and created a tool that is powered by your own breathing - no batteries or heat coil needed. Each aroma round (made from terra cotta fired clay) should last multiple sessions.

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